Kaedan Investment and Management LTD.

Among our Portfolio

Make the in roads to business partners, distribution channels and major strategic customers.
Gain access to external professionals that lend their expertise to our portfolio companies.
Leverage our experience in assisting our ventures with building well balanced management teams and formulating business strategy.
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Kaedan Capital is a private investment firm engaged in seed to early stage ventures in focus areas of Internet, Mobile applications & services, Digital Media, On Demand Software (Saas), and Digital Marketing & Advertising.

We view active investment involvement as our guideline in creating value. Therefore, one of Kaedan's team members, with the required skill set and ability to add value to the specific investment, will assume an active role in the invested company's board. Our strategy and motivation are well aligned with those of the entrepreneurs in which we invest, exemplified by taking a long investment horizon and participating in follow on investments when needed.

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